Friday, October 24, 2008

World Series

I am not a season follower of major league baseball or any other sport because I would rather be playing it than watching it. Sometimes I will watch the World Series when my favorite team (The Yankees) is in it, but I don't usually pay attention to the regular season play. This year our local team, Tampa Bay Rays is in series, so I have been watching. It is exciting to watch the young team, who was in last place for so many years, doing so well this year.

This is the first time I have watched the games on my high definition television. I have noticed an unusual amount of "player spitting". They seem to be constantly spitting, not just in the dugout, but ALOT when they are up at bat. I am not sure if they have always spit this much - or if I am noticing it more in high definition! Also, if I spit (I rarely do) - I would lean forward - as to not get spit on the front of me. These guys are just spitting at random, into the wind or not, and it seems that some of this spit MUST be landing on their shirts!!!
The head coach Joe Madden is constantly shoving large pieces of bubble gum into his mouth. I know he must be nervous, and this is how he is coping with it, but it is funny to see. He must have a five pound tin of gum in the dugout with him!
I hope the Rays do well and win the World Series. They have gone from "worst to first"!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Early voting

We voted today. It was Preston's first time voting in an election. There were a lot of older people in line with us, and everyone kept asking Preston if he was a first timer. They seemed happy to see a person so young voting. The election offical told Preston how to fill out the ballot and not to worry if he made a mistake, he could return the voided ballot and start over. There were a lot of people at the polls for early voting. I hope this is an indication that we will have a big turnout this election. It is important so we can get America back on track.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Health news

My recent visit to the cardiologist went well. The doctor told me on my last visit in August that I may have to have another angioplasty. When I saw the doctor last week he told me that we would just wait and see for a while. He told me to contact him immediately if I had any symptoms. I am relieved that I have staved off this test, at least for a short time. I have been really good lately, staying on my diet & walking. I am feeling better, no chest tightness or pain. I am on a new medication and of course I still have my nitroglycerine tabs nearby, but overall I am much better. I am hoping that I won't have problems at least until there are more innovations in the robotic surgery. Whenever I get scared or down about my cardiac problems, I read "Matthews blog". This is the story of little Matthew & the serious heart condition that he has had since birth. Matthew & his parents show extraodinary courage in his lifelong fight. I always think of Matthew when I am at the heart doctor. I think of the tests and surgeries that he has had to face, so difficult for him & his parents. Matthew gives me hope and courage to face anything that I must go through.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shower phone

I was thinking today about all the new technology (and you know how I love it!) I was in the shower and I heard the phone ringing. Having been an "on-call" detective for so many years prompted me to want to run out naked & wet and answer it. I came to my senses, remembering that I was retired. Then I got the idea that the only place we don't have telephone communication now is in the shower. You can still answer if you have your phone in your pocket even if you are on the toliet! (although I don't practice this). Anyway, in my mind, I invented a water proof touch tone phone that could suction to the shower wall. If your shower was too noisy you could always text back the caller. We seem to have the need to communicate everywhere else, what about the shower? Do you think it will catch on? Then we will never miss a call!
(We already have the "cell phone watch")

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ransome 1997-2008

While I was in Virginia my beloved Airedale, Ransome, died. I have known for a while that Ransome was near the end of his life, but I am sorry that he took a turn for the worse while I was gone. My son, Preston, with the help of my good friends, took Ransome to the vet. Preston made the decision to put the dog down. I was proud that he could make this difficult decision. He called me right after and told me that he stayed with Ransome while the vet euthanized him. Preston said that he wanted to comfort Ransome so he wouldn't be scared. I miss my constant dog companion, but I still have my other little dogs to comfort me. It is sad when our furry friends die. I am glad that my son acted so bravely. It shows me that I should not worry so much about my fine young man.