Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Buddy is making real progress. He is off the steriods now, and he is walking around, going in & out of doors good. He is not quite 100% better, he still can't lift his leg to pee! I am happy that he is doing so good. I am busy working on the house, as usual. Today the plumber will come and install our new "high effiency toliet". I will get a $100. rebate from the county after it is installed. Next week the tile guy is coming to replace the tub/shower tile in that same bathroom. It is pretty expense, but you might as well do it right. I have lived in this house 12 years, and although it is small (I call it my little cracker-box) it is nice and with this market, I intend to live her a lot longer than I originally planned. Next I plan to re-model the other bathroom. Then I will be done for a while.
The weather is so nice this time of year. I could stay outside all day. I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving. My brother & sister-in-law are coming down for the holiday. I look forward to seeing them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My little dog, Buddy, was in the hospital a week ago. He spent the weekend in the "Animal ER". On Friday night, I was out in the yard with the dogs and I heard Buddy start "screaming". I ran over to him thinking he had encountered a snake or something. He cried and could not stand up. His back legs were totally useless. Buddy is quite heavy for a Jack Russell, (24 pounds) and I could hardly pick him up. I took him to the only vet open on nights & weekends. They kept him til Sunday, he was on pain meds and steroids. The Doc said that he might have just pulled his back out or have spinal stenosis. He x-rayed Buddy's back and showed me a disk that may be the problem. He said that he could not tell for sure without and MRI. (I didn't know that there was an MRI for pets!) Anyway, my bill was already up to $1200., so I opted not to have an MRI. I took Buddy home and have been treating him with meds including steroids. He is progressively better each day. He can walk now, but was falling down for a while until he adjusted. He is still listing to one side. Buddy is 11 years old, so I don't expect that he will return to "puppy status" but I just want him to be comfortable. So add to my jobs, DOG NURSE! Really, I complain, but it is a pleasure to care for such a good little patient. As a mom, I just consider him one of my fur kids!

Friday, November 07, 2008

So quiet

I am so glad the election is over. It is nice to see the television without back-biting, mud-slinging political commercials. There are a few people that are mad that their guy did not win. They will contiinue to disagree and trash talk the President. I believe that once someone is elected, that we should try to stand behind that person. We will not get out of this economic mess unless we all work together. We are lucky to live in a democracy, in the richest county in the world. We can agree to disagree - but let us all stop being so angry about everything. Well, anyway, that is how I feel about it.