Monday, June 22, 2009


If you have dogs, and you are thinking of maybe adding another dog, do this first: Borrow some dogs and care for them for a week or so. I am baby-sitting a couple of Schnauzers for some friends on vacation. With my two dogs - THAT MAKES A PACK! I usually leave dry food down for my dogs and (much like me) they "graze" all day. They eat when they are hungry, and don't overeat. One of the dogs I am watching is a little Schnauzer named Bella - about a year old. She cannot be trusted to eat only when she needs too, and will stay at the bowl until it is empty (much like me). It is SO much fun to get them all fed. They are such cute dogs but a lot of work. I let them out but have to monitor them in the yard. They are not used to such a big yard at home and they want to explore the whole place. I always have to be in their sight, or they run around looking for me. I guess they must think that they are orphan dogs now that there parents have left them. On the last trip out in the yard before bed, I always lose Bella. She is so black that I can't see her at night. She doesn't come when called, she prefers (much like me) to stay out as late and as long as she wants!

My old Jack Russell, Buddy, keeps looking at me as if to say, "who the hell are these dogs & when are they going home?'

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Antiques of our life

My 19 year old son yelled for me to come into his room to see something "really neat". He had a friends turntable and was playing a record on it. "Isn't this the great?", he said. It was hard to believe that he had never seen a turntable. He really liked it and collected a few "vinyls" to play on it. I told him that back in the day we just called them records, or albums. I told him about the other speeds like 45 rpm - you had to have an adapter for those records to fit on the spindle. He wasn't sure how to "change tracks" and I showed him how to lift the needle and move it to the next song. It was strange to see him so excited over something that I had considered just an everyday thing when I was a kid. We listened to the first album my parents ever let me have, "Meet the Beetles".

We still say, "dial the telephone", but we haven't done that in years. I think I will find a dial phone and see what he thinks of that!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The fun never stops!

I am summoned for Federal Jury duty on Monday. I thought I would not hear anything else from them after I returned my questionnaire stating that I was retired law enforcement. Er, I guess I am still eligible. I don't really want to get out of it, I think it is every one's duty to serve. I think I will be disqualified on the first day after the attorneys question me. The only thing I really hate is that the court is 40 miles from my house, and I must be there by 0730! (retired people don't usually get up that early). . . .and according to my summons, I must dress appropriately. I believe that my retirement attire (shorts, a tee shirt & tennis shoes) is appropriate. I imagine if I show up dressed like that, there will be some sort of consequence. I always enjoyed going to court when I was a detective; if only to laugh at the defendants who thought that the judge wasn't GOD in that room! So many times I would hear, "he can't do that!" If you ever have to go to court for any reason, please remember: The judge CAN do ANYTHING he wants! . . . and because of that I will search in the back of my closet and find some of my old detective clothes, so that I don't have to spend the night in jail wearing shorts & a tee shirt!!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

OK - admit it - you have all gone over to FACEBOOK!

Nobody is blogging like they used to. I check some of my favorite blogs and I see you absent for weeks, sometimes months!!! I know you have all made the switch to Facebook! OK, I have to admit, that I finally went there. I became a "facie" last week. I will still have time for blogging, though, and you should too! This is my fifth year blogging, and it is a good place to keep all the stuff that you want to look back on, especially if you are getting senile like me! Speaking of old age, I recently discovered that I am skipping or changing friend's birthdays. For the last (at least) two years I have changed Dan's birthday from May 4 to May 14. He must think I am crazy sending a card TEN days late that says "have a great day". Steve is the real owner of the May 14th birthday, and I have totally skipped him, changing his birthday to October 17. I just discovered thru Facebook that 10-17 is Enita's birthday. The one birthday that I would like to forget is MINE! So, sorry everyone, hope you had a good birthday!