Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love the internet. I try to remember what life was like without it. Back in the 80's I was a street cop, and we did not even have walkie-talkies. Cell phones were a dream of the future. We would have to be near the squad car to call for help, or just handle the situation. It seems so dangerous now. The 80's were the beginning of the "no respect" time for cops, and many people would fight with the cops rather than comply. I was lucky to get by unscathed for the most part. Only once, on a traffic stop, a guy knocked me to the ground to get away. We caught him later in the night and found out he was an escaped prisoner.
Cops recently arrested the murderer who took the life of my doctor's wife. What a senseless crime. Here is an account of the current case:
Sunday, february 14
Arrest Made in Briles Murder
Finally an arrest has been made in the murder of Kathleen Briles, which occurred on August 3, 2009 in Manatee, Florida. Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube made the announcement last week. Delmer Smith is a suspect in multiple burglaries in Manatee and Sarasota counties and is the prime suspect in the murder of Mrs. Briles. Smith used a sewing machine to beat Briles to death and apparently was found to have Briles' property in his possession. The main item is a rare Minnie Mouse Key chain, which Smith had in his possession. Dr. Briles identified the key chain belonging to his wife, which he gave as an anniversary gift. The THUG also attempted to sell a necklace belonging to Briles by hiring an accomplice to sell the item. EDITOR'S COMMENT: This has to be the scum of the earth. Florida does have the death penalty and we can only hope it will be applied in this case. Kathleen Briles is the wife of Dr. James Briles; son of the late Iowa Senator, James Edward and Marilyn Lorene Tendall Briles. Not until this case is done and "justice" is carried out will the Briles Family find true relief and peace.

Well, Thanks to Minnie Mouse, the perp had it on his key chain! There is no justice that will ease the pain of having a murdered loved one.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Matthew has been at Navy boot camp now for a week and a day. His mother cried for the first day, but now she seems to be adjusting. It is strange to think that Matt will never be back here to live, and now we have two more bedrooms in our house. When Preston left in December, I made his bedroom into an office, spreading out and bringing in all the paperwork, bills and stuff that we had always kept in the dining room.

We got a letter yesterday telling us Matt's graduation date is in March. We made airline reservations this morning. We are wondering what the weather will be like in Illinois the end of March. It will be colder than tropical Florida, we know that much. I am trying to collect some winter clothes, long johns, gloves, hats - stuff we don't usually need around here.

It is so strange not to have kids in the house. Just me & the pups here in the day. I talk to them a lot. They cock their heads and look strangely at me. They must be wondering where the boys are. I talk to Preston once in a while, but mostly if he needs something. I try to remember that there was a time when I wanted to be away from my parents and just independent & hang out with my friends. I wonder how my parents felt about it. They never mentioned it. I won't either, but I really miss him!