Friday, April 27, 2012

I started on my Spring adventure on Sunday April 22.
I left about 8:30 AM and headed north encountering stormy weather just above Tampa, and the rest of the way on and off showers.  When I got gas somewhere around Ocala, I parked for a while and had some lunch.  Further up the road I stopped at  the first rest stop in SC and rested for about an hour.  I saw some people walking their pet rabbit on a leash.  

I had a little to eat and I felt good so I drove a couple more hours up the road, stopping at a rest stop at Tubeville, SC.  I watched TV for a while then went to sleep about 10 PM  I am up at 4 having coffee and breakfast and running my generator.  It was cold in the night and rainy, got down in the 40’s, I  had to run the heat. Heading out about 5:30, I got some more rain and about 8:30 and in the heaviest downpour my windshield wiper unattached from the arm, I could not see but somehow made it to the shoulder.  I waited til the showers passed and I got out to fix the wiper. I was so glad that it did not fly completely off.