Friday, April 18, 2008

Well, the new windows are in & the trees are trimmed. The Home Depot gave me grief for nothing, the hurricane protection passed the inspection. Here are the before & after of one of the trees.

Looks like a nice haircut, huh?

Next I will be replacing the fence.

The new windows are really nice, double pane glass. They should save me some money because they are very energy efficient.

On to my next project.


Kerri said...

The new windows look great. Glad to hear the hp passed inspection. Too bad about all the aggravation from HD. I hope you call them up and say I told you so.
I'm glad I don't have to give trees haircuts!
Good luck with your next project. Is the fence you recently painted on the other side?

jellyhead said...

The tree does look better - neat and tidy.
Glad your new windows are energy-efficient as well as good-looking.

On the the fencing now, huh? Jobs around the house & yard are never-ending, aren't they?!

doubleknot said...

Your tree looks neat with it's new hair cut. Wow wish I had those windows but I rent so I don't see the land lord putting any windows in for me. Bet your electric bill goes down a lot.