Monday, May 12, 2008

It has been so long since I "blogged in" that I almost forgot my password. I have been working to help Preston finish up his last high school online course - Personal Fitness. He has to stretch and work out and run everyday - and I have to be there to time him and record the results. This is a course that should be taken in school with a coach, but as it turned out I am the coach! Preston is having no problems with the physical part of this course. He is in excellent shape with hardly no body fat (He's 5'09"& 140 lbs.) and I am amazed how easily he jogs a mile without even breathing heavy! I always tell him how incredible that is to this "old overweight bag" and he just smiles. He is feeling better since he took this course, and I am trying to encourage him to continue this after school has endend. It is getting hot here, already in the upper 80's with high humidity. That puts a damper on the desire to exercise. June 5th is Preston's graduation date and I am really getting excited now. He has been accepted at the local community college. I am hoping he likes college better that he did high school. He wants to go, so that is a good thing.


Paradise Driver said...

I loved college. Not being forced to take classes I had no interest in. Focusing, instead, on areas that fascinated me. He'll do good. :-)

jellyhead said...

Go Preston! He looks very fit.

Congratulations on his acceptance to college. Onwards and upwards!

Schiplady said...

Preston has certainly become a good looking young man. You should be very proud (which I know you are). I am sure he will do well at MCC.