Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am just amazed!

With the economy in such dire straits, why are we so obsessed with a cheater in professional baseball, a single mom with eight new babies, and Joaquin Phoneix (who named him?) acting strange and threatening to give up his acting career? We seem to worry about the wrong stuff. Shouldn't we be figuring out how to help each other, and help our neighbors who are losing their jobs and dealing with home forclosure? Instead of trying to help the woman with the babies, why has everyone turned against her? Why are they so angry with her. There are plenty of abusive parents, and we are not outraged about that. The internet is flooded with fodder on these stories. Why aren't we outraged with the corporate executives and bank presidents? Shouldn't their photos be on the internet and tv news everyday? Why don't we make them pay back the money they have stolen before they get a bail-out? I just don't understand.

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epiphenita said...

holy pile of horseshit, i can't believe you've been blogging here and never even told me. you will never, ever live this down.

btw, most people are totally outraged by abusive parents and corporate executives (and they should have to pay back all the money they fleeced from us) but that doesn't change the fact that this dipshit with the fetal-addiction is worthy of scorn. she can't feed the six she has so why not double that number and throw a couple more in for good measure? on second thought, she may be certifiable, in which case her fertility doctor should be flogged.

i'll be back.