Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update the date!

Matt's new deployment date is December 30, 2009. He has been accepted in to the Nuclear Program, which means he will have a year of difficult studies to learn all about maintaining a nuclear power plant aboard a Navy ship. Both aircraft carriers & submarines are nuclear powered. Sailors get extra pay incentive to be on a submarine but Matt would rather be on a carrier. He is excited about going, and we are excited for him. We will just have to wait a while longer. We have been reading "Navy Moms", a web site all about the Navy. You can find out anything, they even have videos about boot camp. Other Navy moms blog about their young sailors. (I love the internet!)

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Susan said...

My first son-in-law was in the nuclear program, he went to boot camp I believe in Orlando. Then he was stationed at St. Marys Georgia just north of Jacksonville. We got to go on a family tour ride on the sub, it was great fun!