Monday, June 01, 2009

OK - admit it - you have all gone over to FACEBOOK!

Nobody is blogging like they used to. I check some of my favorite blogs and I see you absent for weeks, sometimes months!!! I know you have all made the switch to Facebook! OK, I have to admit, that I finally went there. I became a "facie" last week. I will still have time for blogging, though, and you should too! This is my fifth year blogging, and it is a good place to keep all the stuff that you want to look back on, especially if you are getting senile like me! Speaking of old age, I recently discovered that I am skipping or changing friend's birthdays. For the last (at least) two years I have changed Dan's birthday from May 4 to May 14. He must think I am crazy sending a card TEN days late that says "have a great day". Steve is the real owner of the May 14th birthday, and I have totally skipped him, changing his birthday to October 17. I just discovered thru Facebook that 10-17 is Enita's birthday. The one birthday that I would like to forget is MINE! So, sorry everyone, hope you had a good birthday!


Susan said...

I admit it..... but I am more a 'lurker' at FB, just keeping up on all the happenings of kids and grandkids, a few friends. I agree that blogging is still the best way to 'keep all the stuff that you want to look back on'.

Hope you are staying cool down there in Florida! Have a good one.

Jellyhead said...

You're right. I fully admit am facebooking but not blogging. Sheer laziness I spose.

I'm hoping eventually I'll get inspired to write again!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Not only am I still blogging, but am on FB and Twitter, stop by any time.

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