Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sad news

Doctor B., who has been my doctor for twenty years, came home to find his wife murdered in their home last night. It is bad enough that your loved one is the victim of a violent crime, but worse when you have to be the one to discover the tragedy. It is a sad day when anyone dies, but so much worse when it is so sudden & violent. I know from experience that victim's and families of victims always find a way to blame themselves when going through this kind of grief. "If I had just done this. . . or that," they usually say. Many of us will be victims or have close friends or relatives that will be victims of crimes. We must find the inner strength to deal with whatever life brings us. I am sure Dr. B is familiar with the seven stages of grief. He has counselled others facing death. My heart goes out to him in his hour of need.


Jellyhead said...

Tuff, that's horrendous news. I'm so sorry for your doctor, and you must feel pretty upset, too.

It's a wild old world sometimes, isn't it?

Schiplady said...

Tuff, Dr. B was our doctor also when we were still in Florida. He is a wonderful man and I feel so bad for him and his family. We have been following the story from Bay9 News online. Hope the NY trip goes well. 15 more days and counting until we are on the road to FL. Yeah !!

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