Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Matthew has been at Navy boot camp now for a week and a day. His mother cried for the first day, but now she seems to be adjusting. It is strange to think that Matt will never be back here to live, and now we have two more bedrooms in our house. When Preston left in December, I made his bedroom into an office, spreading out and bringing in all the paperwork, bills and stuff that we had always kept in the dining room.

We got a letter yesterday telling us Matt's graduation date is in March. We made airline reservations this morning. We are wondering what the weather will be like in Illinois the end of March. It will be colder than tropical Florida, we know that much. I am trying to collect some winter clothes, long johns, gloves, hats - stuff we don't usually need around here.

It is so strange not to have kids in the house. Just me & the pups here in the day. I talk to them a lot. They cock their heads and look strangely at me. They must be wondering where the boys are. I talk to Preston once in a while, but mostly if he needs something. I try to remember that there was a time when I wanted to be away from my parents and just independent & hang out with my friends. I wonder how my parents felt about it. They never mentioned it. I won't either, but I really miss him!


Kerri said...

It takes a while to adjust doesn't it, Tuff?
Idgy looks like she does her best to keep your thoughts distracted from missing the boys :)
She's a real cutey.
I know just how you feel when your sugar gets low. My hubby knows to just leave me alone and let me eat something.
Your NYC trip sounded like such fun. It's a great place to visit....but I wouldn't want to live there ;)
Our daughter is at the point where she agrees and can't wait to move back to the country. She'll be doing that next May.
I'll bet Preston misses you too even though he probably won't tell you :)

Jellyhead said...

It must feel really odd, the place being quieter and emptier. I guess it will gradually feel normal again with time.

I smiled to read about that old man reducing you to tears ... I love how you are a tough ex-cop, yet also a real softie :-)

People always come and chat to me, too. We both obviously look way too approachable!

Schiplady said...

You and Ange will eventually adjust to the quiet house. Who knows, you say Matt will never live there again but I never thought Ed would be back either!! Stay in touch..........