Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New beginnings

I neglect my blog for a while, then someone says, "Hey, why haven't you been blogging?" I thought no one was reading this! I am trying to catch up, and I spend my computer time on Facebook - though I don't like it as much.
Lately I have been working on my new Winnebago motorhome. I traded my Durango & travel trailer for it. I miss having a truck, I only have this small sports car now. I spend time/too much money at Lowes & Home Depot and I have to remember not to buy anything BIG because I can't get it home! We went camping for the Mother's Day weekend at nearby Oscar Scherer State Park. It is a lovely park & the first time I had been there. We took our three dogs with us (a first for that as well). They were fine, but we worried about keeping them confined & on their leashes for fear they would get lost. They loved being with us and getting lots of walks. I miss the times when a bunch of us would have a group camping trip. Maybe we should start doing that again!


Susan said...

Love your new digs, lots of fun camping in your future! Facebook is very time consuming, but seems 'shallow' compared to blogging, just little snippets instead of long thoughts. Hope your boys are doing fine! Have a great day.

joven said...

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Schiplady said...

I miss reading your blog. Only time I ever heard from you!! And why didn't you tell someone that lives SO close to Oscar Scherer that you were going to be there?? Didn't want company huh??