Wednesday, August 17, 2005


My oldest son got his learner's license today. It is the weirdest feeling. Him behind the wheel as on clutch my seat belt, trying to be cool. As he was driving and doing quite well, I could not help thinking about other milestones in his life, and how close he is to leaving us and making his way in the world on his own. It is a happy / sad time. I know that in a few short years he will be gone from my constant supervison. What will I do then? Most parents look forward to the time that their children will be grown and off on their own. (God knows when they are teenager-know-it-alls our patience is thin!) I waited a long time to be a parent, longer than most. Now it seems that our time together is racing by faster than I expected. While driving for the first time my son made the comment that he was glad he plays all those video games, he thinks it will help him be a better driver! I realized then that he will be a kid for a while longer.

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