Tuesday, August 16, 2005

They are dead

I, for one, did not even know there was a State Anatomical Board in Florida. It came as a suprise to me that they would be having an "emergency meeting" to vote on whether to allow the Bodies Exhibit this month at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. The "dead bodies" are dead, they do not and can not care. They are no longer with us, and they are no longer using those bodies. Reports are that the State Anatomical Board could shut down the exhibit. Maybe it is me, but what is wrong with this picture? Human beings are dying daily in Iraq, yet we seem less concerned with that than the rights of "already dead" people. Perhaps we should put on display the maimed, burned, blasted, bombed and shot up bodies of American soldiers and citizens of Iraq, to bring attention to the war. Maybe we should have an "emergency meeting" about this.

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