Friday, September 30, 2005


We came home yesterday with some stuff from the store in our arms, so we entered the house thru the garage door. As we hit the switch to close the overhead door, we opened the door to the inside of the house. The schnauzer, closely followed by the airedale, ran like hell to get out before the door got down. They just squeaked under it when it closed. They were off, like bats out of hell, down the street to who knows where. I sounded the alarm to the boys, we grabbed leashes and all headed outside to find the runaway mutz. We all ran down the street screaming for the dogs. They ended up down the street sniffing the neighbor's butt and his dog's butt. So, but for the butt, they would have been long gone! It never ceases to amaze me that Mr. Woofie Airedale will bite a stranger's face off at home, but is nice to strangers on the streets.

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