Friday, March 23, 2007

He's ALMOST never bit anyone!

My good friend (the Wolfman) is still an officer at the PD that I retired from. His recent "anonymous" comment on my blog begs me to tell this story. I wanted my dog, Ransome to like my friend. Ransome is a guard dog, and really doesn't like to let strangers come in. (and they don't get any "stranger" than Wolfman.) Several years ago we decided to have the Wolf and the wolffie dog Ransome make friends. Big mistake. They strongly dislike each other. I told the Wolfman not to stare at Ransome, but I suspect that he did anyway! Ransome jumped on him and bit him in the stomach! Big deal, it didn't break the skin - it was just a warning from Ransome. Let's face it, if he had wanted to kill him he would have gone for the throat! After that, I still wanted them to be friends. I had them sit in the living room and basically ignore each other. It seemed to be going good, so I invited the Wolfman to take Ransome for a walk around the block. All went unexpectedly good, the Wolf holding the leash and Ransome ignoring him and marking all the bushes and mailboxes as we circled the block. When we got back in the house I was just saying how all went well - when Ransome gave the Wolf another little bite on the hand - just to let him know that he still didn't like him. Ever since then the Wolfman has been threatening to take my poor dog Ransome for a walk in traffic.
Ransome says, "Bring it on - I will bite your ass off!!!"


jellyhead said...

Poor Wolfman! I can understand why he and Ransome aren't best buddies, after the nipping Wolfman's had to endure!

Our dog is a little temperamental, too. She once bit a builder who was working next door, and who stuck his hand through to pat Millie. (whoops! sorry builder!)

meggie said...

I think the male dogs seem to be very teritorial! Our little Leo has decided a bite at strange visitor males might be a good idea. We now lock him into the rumpus room to prevent such attacks. He looks so innocent & small & woolly too!
Ransome is very handsome.

Sandy said...

I see they are both standing their ground...I'm supposing that they are both males (Wolfman & Ramsome). The end of your story really had me in stitches and I guess that the Wolfman and Ransome never became good friends.
You have a good guard dog there and I don't see how Cucoo ever got passed him. hehehe

Kerri said...

I'm really curious to see what "the Wolfman" looks like Tuff.
Apparently, to Ransome, he doesn't look like a good guy :)
We have to give credit to Wolfman for trying!

doubleknot said...

Too bad they didn't make friends. Sounds like you have a good guard dog there. And it was a good thing that it was just little warning nips that Ransome gave.