Sunday, June 03, 2007

Where's Waldo?

Remember the game, Where's Waldo? I am busy playing that with Preston (he looks a bit like Waldo). He hasn't called me yet and I don't hold out much hope for that, they keep them pretty busy.

I know that yesterday he toured Neuweinstein Castle in Germany.

(I think I see Preston in one of those towers)

Tomorrow he will be headed to the coast of Italy; then on to visit Venice. I hope he is taking lots of photos. I love him and miss him. I am working on his bedroom. It is about half-way painted and I am waiting on the new carpeting to arrive on Tuesday. Then I have to put together his new desk and entertainment center. I also have to buy a bookcase unit or build shelves to attach to the walls to hold his many books, DVD's, CD's, etc. I hope I have all this done by Friday - but as you know I work best under pressure! After all, I do have to take time to catch up on your blogs!


Paradise Driver said...

Don't worry, mama. You'll get it all done.

Is Preston aware of what you are doing or is it going to be a surprise?

meggie said...

Preston is one lucky lad! A magic trip to places like that castle, & a new room to boot! Wowee.

jellyhead said...

Good luck with getting those rooms renovations done!

Sandy said...

Preston is soooo lucky to be on this trip of a lifetime. And when he gets home, he get another surprise. What a lucky son.

You have a lot to do before Friday.