Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google flying!

This wonderful internet that has linked me to people all over the world has now allowed me to "travel" without leaving my seat! I love "Google Earth" because I can follow my son's trip. I have the sites of the hotels where the group is staying, and it is fun to see where he is. Tonight they will be staying in a guest house in Gebsattel, Germany. Tomorrow they will be traveling to Munich, and the next day to Italy. I took a quick "google flight" to these places and discovered that he will be staying 2 days in a hotel right on the water close to Venice. When you google Venice, Itay you see that it really is a city of canals, you can't see a convential street anywhere! What an adventure! They are 6 hours ahead of me in Europe. (I have trouble with the concept of date & time - I still can't wrap my mind around Jelly already enjoying "tomorrow" when it is still "today" here!!!) I guess it is true when people say the the world is getting smaller -thanks to the internet. In the real world -I have to go now and take a bike ride. I continue to be successful with my weight loss program, and my knee is almost completely back to 100%! I figure if I can live another 100 years - I will reach my goal weight!


jellyhead said...

That's funny - I've heard with some places you can actually see people on Google Earth..... imagine if you truly could 'keep track' of Preston!

Glad your knee is coming good :)

PS It's Friday here...are you jealous?! (the bad thing is we get to Monday and you're still enjoying the weekend!)

Sandy said...

I'm in love with Google and I've also heard the same as jelly...that you can sometimes actually see people. I wonder if that is called Google Earth Live?

Kerri said...

I've never tried Google Earth. Guess I'll have to give it a whirl!
Wait till you take your trip to Australia that's one long trip! It's takes about 24hrs. from here. You lose a whole day, and gain it back when you come home. On my last trip in 2003 (with Kylie) we arrived at 5:30 AM and stayed up for the entire day. I was awake for 48 hrs except for the hour I managed to doze on the plane. I can't sleep on planes! Talk about a zombie!
How neat that you can see where Preston is :)