Wednesday, August 01, 2007


. . .is what it said on the bathroom wall in large letters. First thing this morning I was in the grocery store and I saw this scrawled on the wall. I hate to go to the bathroom when I am out but sometimes nature calls! It is bad enough that this person (maybe it was "Stephanie") was vandalizing the wall, but she must have skipped school to do it, or at least missed English class.

My dog Ransome continues to be a pain in my ass by tearing off his bandage. It is difficult to keep a bandage on the side of his face; just when it begins to heal he scratches it and tears it open again. Yes, I have tried an elizabethan collar, but he gets "stuck" and won't move; he will stand in the corner and not move or eat or drink with it on. I feel sorry for him. Today he got the bandage off twice. I couldn't find it the first time, and I figured he must have lost it somewhere in the yard. The second time he pulled the fresh bandage off I caught him EATING IT! (now I know where the first one went- how disgusting!) My next step, if I can't get this wound to heal, is to take him to the vet and have them put him in a head cast!!! (just kidding)

It is raining all the time here. I got caught in the rain the other morning when I was out on my bike. Oh, by the way, if you see someone you know riding their bike (or horse) beside the roadway - please DON'T honk at them!


Schiplady said...

Okay, one more time. You can take the Elizabethan collar off long enough for him to eat and drink, but then put it back on. I felt sorry for Murphy too when he wore one after we have him neutered, but he kept trying to pull out the staples. He also got stuck between the bunk and the hanging closet on the boat. But Ransome won't heal without it and may end up with a serious infection. There !! You have todays lecture from mother Lois.
It is raining here a lot also as this is the Southwest monsoon season. I even have patches of green mixed in with the clay......

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh boy!! NICE!!!!

Poor little doggie.... :-(

Kerri said...

Sooo, you're still out riding! Missed you lately. I've also been too busy to get around to visiting anyone much. Summers here are chock a block full of things that need doing. I can't keep up! (so why am I at this computer?)
I hope Ransome cooperates and gets better soon.
I won't honk if I see you :)

Sandy said...

Hope Ransome cooperates and you don't have to put him in face cast, hehehe.

I'm afraid to HONK at bicycles...I'm afraid I'll make them swerve in front of me into my path.