Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bowling for truckers

Jellyhead's recent post made me reflect on my own life. I think that I am basically a happy person. Like everyone else I have a bad mood once in a while, I get sad too, sometimes. I think you have to fight bad moods and keep the little conversation in your head positive. Some people are miserable all the time. You've seen them, they are everywhere, in the line at the grocery store, or yelling at some poor waitress in a restaurant. What must be the conversation in their heads? Are they saying "F&%# YOU" to the whole world? What makes them not care about how they are perceived? Maybe they are just being honest about their feelings. Several months ago, a local television weatherman committed suicide. We only knew the part of him that we saw on air, but friends say that he was a friendly guy who always seemed happy. You hardly never hear of someone described as a "miserable bastard" committing suicide. Maybe these cranky types have the right idea. It is the happy people who are keeping their sad thoughts buried until, in some cases, they explode. Today in the news, there is a report about someone who dropped a bowing ball on speeding semi truck. The truck driver survived, he is not mad but instead feels sorry to the person who was angry enough to do this to him. Human behavior fascinates me.


jellyhead said...

I'm the same - human behaviour fascinates me, too. Intrigues me, amazes me, fills me with awe, horrifies me by turns - people are just so complex!

I agree that while it's good to think positively, it is also healthy to express negative feelings - I think this can be done in a respectful but assertive way (no bowling balls required)

You got me thinking, here Tuff. You also made me feel less guilty for asserting myself ..... I certainly don't want to ever explode!

Schiplady said...

Everyone needs to have a "Phyllis" inside of them to blow off those negative feelings. I enjoy life to much to ever think of suicide. The aging process makes me have "sore" days, but they too will go away with some aspirin. I love sitting in malls or parks watching people. You are right - very fascinating.

Mimi said...

I just read another blog about someone unexpected committing suicide. I haven't figured out why some folks seem happy and yet are not and others seem miserable and are also not.


Kerri said...

Hi Tuff! Glad to hear you're still gung ho on the exercise. That helps so much to keep a person positive. I'm always in a good mood after a walk, and have plenty of energy.
People are fascinating indeed. That truck driver obviously looks for the best in people...a great attitude to have. How depraved to drop a b ball on an unsuspecting motorist!
Glad you had such a nice time with your best friend. That's always an upper :)

Sandy said...

I'm also a people watcher...they fascinate me and fill me horror at times the way they treat each other.

Oh my...Glad that trucker survived the bowling ball. I don't know if I could be so forgiving of someone who attempted to kill me, but I'll never know or at least I hope I don't ever get the chance to know.

Bad days, good days we all have them.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Upside down world....