Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first video - Big Brass Sound!

I am trying my first attempt to attach a video to the blog. I came across this video in my files. It is of Preston when he went to Drum Corp camp in December 2005. After just the weekend of practice together, this was what the young musicians accomplished. I was disappointed that Preston decided not to march in the summer of 2006, but I am proud of all the work that he did participating in the band camps. (That is him with the big horns, fifth from the left in the camo shorts.) I have always been a fan of the "big brass sound" and it warms my heart to at least have this little snippet of his work.

Preston's high school marching band days are over. The band director that was with there for 13 years left when he could no longer deal with the current school administration.

These days the big horn lives on top of the bookshelf in Preston's room. I am hoping that he will take it up again soon, maybe joining a band when he goes to college.


Paradise Driver said...

Very well done.

What is the purpose of the glove?



TUFFENUF said...

Par. Dri. - No, just part of the uniform. One black, one white, & boy that white one is difficult to keep clean!

Susan said...

Great sound! I just moved the trombone again when cleaning out stuff, this was my husband's when he was in high school. Back up on the shelf again.

Glad you found this video, and thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

Just beautiful...I always get teary eyed when children perform for their parents. You must be proud and maybe Preston will take it back up in college.

My son was also a big horn player in the marching band, orchestra & the dance band.

Kerri said...

Thanks for sharing that nice memento. Seeing the kids perform was always a pleasure. I kind of miss those days....not the teenage angst, but the band and chorus concerts were fun..and drama club..I loved the plays!
Hopefully Preston will get back into playing with a band again in college.

Schiplady said...

That was really great. In years to come you will be so glad to have that little piece of Prestons' childhood. Isn't it a shame when good people leave their jobs because the administration drives them to it...........