Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Virtual school is cool!

My son missed a class called "Life Management Skills" that most kids take when they are Freshmen. Now that he is a senior, he wouldn't want to be caught dead in a 9th grade class, so his counselor suggested that he take the course in the Florida Virtual School - online. You must complete and submit assignments online, and take a telephone exam about once a month. I think this is a great resource. It must be really helpful to parents with homebound children. So far, his grade is 95%, so I am happy about that. Parents can also check assignments and grades online.


jellyhead said...

That sounds way easier than having to attend another class in 'real life'. It's amazing how things have changed since I went to school a couple of....errrr.... several.....OK , *many* years ago!

Sandy said...

Boy, has school come a long way since I went to school. Virtual school would even have been a blessing for my children as well...but we didn't have a computer.