Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fast forward

I have great dreams. They are always very vivid. Sometimes I dream about cop stuff and crime scenes that I have been to. Often times the dreams are scary and unresolved. Many times they are nonsense or just everyday happenings. Lately I have noticed that if I am going along in a dream and it seems mundane that I can fast forward. I attribute this new phenomeon to watching too much television. I have a digital recorder on the television. I can record shows when I am not home to watch later. Sometimes I fast forward through the boring parts when I am watching these shows. Who says that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?? My old brain has learned something. Weird.


jellyhead said...

Weird indeed. But possibly quite useful!

Thank you Tuff for your very supportive comments recently on my blog. I have been a bit down about this & that, and your friendly comments always cheer me up. You are a good egg :)

Kerri said...

Well yes, that does seem strange. Particularly interesting is the fact that you realize after you wake up that you've done this 'fast forward' thing.
Perhaps you sleep very lightly. You must have a very active mind Tuff!

Susan said...

Are you sure you aren't smoking something? It looks like fun, whatever it is. Maybe you can patent it. I hope you are still enjoying good warm weather down there in sunny FLA!