Monday, March 24, 2008

My "baby boy" is eighteen. I can't believe how fast this happened. It seems like only a few months ago that he was a small child. I hope that he stays with me a few more years because it seems like we haven't had much time together. Life goes by at a rapid pace! It seems like I should have taught him more, showed him more things & maybe prepared him more for the world. I have to let him go now to find his own way and make his own mistakes. The mom in me wants to shield him from the world, but I know that I can't. I guess this is the time to shove him out of the nest. I wasn't ready for this time in my life to come around so quickly! I guess this is the beginning of "empty nest" that everyone talks about. I hear so many moms talk about how they can't wait for their kids to be off on their own. I guess this is just another milestone in life. I have gotten used to retirement, maybe I will adapt to this as well.


Susan said...

Don't worry too much, as soon as he discovers a few things he will come running back home, like how much everything COSTS out there! Sometimes they bounce back like yoyos, and that is okay, too.

Paradise Driver said...

Don't rush things too much. He still has a few months to graduation and then college. Besides who is going to do his laundry LOL

They never leave, they just don't stay around as long.

BTW - My oldest grandson is now 23.

You've reached that point in life where all your efforts at raising your son will begin paying off. He isn't finished yet. He is a rough-formed adult now. This is when the fine detail finishing work begins.

It isn't an ending, it a new beginning.

Have fun!

jellyhead said...

Hi Tuff!!! (waves madly)

I came and read this post this morning, but I ran out of time to comment. All I can say is - you have my empathy, because (as you already know) I've found it hard to let go with my son Ben merely going to school, let alone having your son coming near the time to leave home.

I guess the main thing is - you will always be great source of love and support for him, no matter where you each are in the world. And who knows- with him making his own way in the world, you may have more time and funds for doing things YOU enjoy, such as travelling!

It'll be an adjustment, but you'll be OK I'm sure :)

XO Jelly

Texas2Tennessee said...

Mothers never stop teaching their children. I'm 48 and am still learning from my mom.

Schiplady said...

Tuff - I told you before - be careful what you wish for. Mine was gone in the Navy for 20 years and moved back home. Thank goodness he didn't bring a wife and those small screaming messy midgets........