Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sooner or later you have to leave you teenage boys at home alone. This weekend we are going to fly to Virginia to finish up some of my late Mom's affairs. The boys have school & work and must fend for themselves while we are gone. My friends call me "OPM" because I am such an overprotective mom. I have warned the boys not to take advantage of our absense by having wild parties. I tried to go over everything with them. I asked them not to have anyone in the house, and not to go anywhere except to school & work. I have stocked up on a lot of their fast food favorites, I know they won't be cooking balanced meals for themselves! I know that they are responsible young men and that I should not worry. I don't think that they will do anything wrong, but I worry that they could have a car accident or a car break-down and who will they call? I know that it is important for them to handle situations on their own. After all, Preston is a college freshman and Matt is a high school senior. Somehow they are still my little boys even though they shave their faces! Keep your fingers crossed; I will try not to worry!

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Jellyhead said...

I think I am an OPM too, Tuff, so I fully understand.

Hope your trip goes as well as possible.