Friday, December 23, 2005

Car lot

Matt got a truck. Actually, his mother got a truck - for him to learn to drive. Our yard is starting to look like a car lot. Four cars in the family now. It is a 1995 Nissan pick-up truck, very clean. Both boys are learning to drive. The teacher? That would be ME! I am now Mom, driving instructor, music facilitator, laundress, weightlifting coach, cook, counsellor, and money tree. Who said retirement was going to be easy? We decided that it would be good for our boys to have their own cars to drive. Most people think we are spoiling these kids, giving them too much. Most people would be right. We think that they will be better off in the real world if they drive to get there! Actually, when they are 16, they will take over the responsibility of paying for insurance, gas, etc. Preston bought his car with money that he had saved, and Matt will have to repay his mother for the truck. We only hope that the boys recognize and appreciate the help that we have given them. (yeah - right!)


Texas2Tennessee said...

There's nothing wrong with helping your children acquire the tools they need to navigate in this world. Good for you Tuff!

PHOTO said...

I bought bothe of my children cars. My son is a sucessful electician and my daughter has her masters degree in social work. I'm proud of both and it didn't hurt them because as with you we made them responsible and it helped them learn to manage.

By the way the pic is/was 38 ears ago.

TUFFENUF said...

thanks t2t and photo for the comments. Parents always need that extra confiming support that they did the right thing! -Tuff