Monday, December 05, 2005


"THE MAGIC" Drum Corps International
Audition camp
Tuba man! makes the cut and is now a member of "THE MAGIC"
He spent the weekend hoisting 30 pounds brass up to his shoulder
His mama is SO proud!
He almost quit on Saturday, said he wasn't good enough, that it was too hard. He was really depressed and exhausted. I told him to just hang in there one more day, and he did - so he made it. His summer tour schedule is posted on - click on 2006 schedule - then member corp - The Magic. More later, I am tired, haven't slept in two nights!


Texas2Tennessee said...
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Texas2Tennessee said...

Congratulations!!!! Being a band member (middle school through college) was the best education I ever received. As a former french horn/frumpet player, all I can say is BRASS ROCKS BABY!!!!!