Monday, August 07, 2006

Back to school

This is the first day back to school for the boys. All last week they had band camp. I am the unofficial photographer for the band. I take lots of snapshots during their activities, then post the photos on a website for all of them to access with a pass word. At the end of the week the band director asked me to take a shot of the whole band in their uniforms, so it could be published in the school brochure. "OK, on the count of three, I am taking the picture, so smile - one, two, three!" "STOP!, STOP!, STOP!", the band director says. We have to do it over, someone in the band decided to raise "a finger" and the band director caught it. "Thanks, Preston, for messing up the picture, now we have to take it over", the director says! (Oh God, you mean it was MY SON that "shot the bird?") I am mortified! After the photo shoot, I couldn't get to tuba boy fast enough. I took him aside and reemed him up one side and down the other. How dare he be so disrespectful? I told him if he EVER did anything like that again, that he would be quitting the band. This is a boy that I have never had any trouble with, I was so embarrassed! He apologised and told me later that it was just a prank and that he was just being a wise guy and didn't mean anything by it. Looking back on it now, it was kinda funny, but I don't think I will tell him that! Look at the tubas, they think it is SO funny, they can hardly keep from laughing out loud.


Motherkitty said...

What do they say about "boys will be boys"? I'm surprised that you didn't ground him for the entire school year for that stunt. (Was it the oldest or youngest son?)

Great pictures, BTW. When my kids were in marching band, husband and I always went along to their activities and I always took lots of pictures. They really appreciate them now and look back on those days lovingly. My daughter graduated college with a degree in music and played in everything from wind ensemble, orchestra, marching band, and community band. Please tell your sons that they look great in their uniforms.

Joann said...

Made me smile.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Back to school already? Summer went by awfully fast. Like motherkitty said, boys will be boys and so will girls sometimes. Oldest daughter shot the bird at a state trooper once and he stopped me and gave me a ticket for it. Only ticket I ever got in my life.

The band looks great in their uniforms and the tuba player looks like he's about to burst.

jellyhead said...

You're right, it is kinda funny!

As a parent, isn't it hard to not smile or laugh sometimes? I know I have to keep a straight face, and maintain discipline, but sometimes it's really HARD!

Kerri said...

I'm laughing out loud Tuff, at your son's little prank. Bad, bad boy! (chuckle). Boys will be boys Mom :)
This is a great photo. They have neat uniforms and I can see a real sense of pride there. It's great to have these activities to give them an opportunity to work and grow together. I'm a very firm believer in music as a way to expand young peoples' minds. It's wonderful!
We start the new school year after Labor Day.

doubleknot said...

Oh my, this is one of those times when you just can't let your son see you laugh till about five years from now when you get to embarrass him by retelling the story to his girl friend. LOL
Great photos. The uniforms are so colorful.