Thursday, August 24, 2006

I need the GEEK SQUAD!

Talk about stupid. I was deleting some unwanted files because I thought they were making my computer go. . . so. . . slow - and I must have deleted some files by mistake. My roomate tried to go to "her" files - and they were missing. Completely gone - not even as much as a mention of them in the recycle bin. Now, I admit to being computer illiterate, but I don't think I intentionally deleted a file. My roomate insinuated that somehow my actions were deliberate, because only "her" files and "her son's" files were deleted. (She actually said that she thought it was "ODD", but I took that as accusatory.) I understand her frustration because she had some important documents in there. However, I wasn't the one that didn't back up my files! All my important stuff (photos) are backed up on an external drive. We usually get along quite well. This paranoid inferred accusation begs the question, "Does mama have to slap a bitch?" Of course I am only kidding, I love her to death. I will slink down to the Geek Squad precinct tomorrow and spend hundreds of dollars to try to recover the files. Maybe if I have any money left over, I will buy her an external drive of her own!


Kerri said...

Oh boy, are you in trouble!
This is exactly why I don't like to delete the "pups" (potentially unwanted programs) my virus scan program finds every Friday night. Then when you click on the details, you still have no idea whatsoever whether these programs are anything you need or not. At least I don't. So every Friday, I just leave them alone....just in case. But I do delete the 'bad' files it finds. It's all very annoying geeky stuff that I don't understand! I'd rather be blogging. Or even doing housework!
Good luck with that :)

jellyhead said...

This sounds like something I would do, but I'm sure I'm more 'computer illiterate' than you by far! It's embarrassing. I have ask my hubby whenever I run into any kind of trouble. (Goes against all my feminist principles, but my inherent laziness about learning more wins out!)

Hope you can retrieve those files OK.

PHOTO said...

Microsoft has an UNDELETE program that will work. I always try to have a copy on my computer. Everyone deletes the wrong thing at one time or another. (even the computer geeks)