Thursday, October 12, 2006

Criminal minds

This time of year folks are turning off their air conditioners and enjoying the wonderful fall weather. Watch out. Don't leave the house with the windows wide open, or you might get an unwanted visitor. I have arrested a lot of burglars. Most people think that these guys sneak in during the night. Not true. They are lazy; they like to work between 10 AM and 3 PM - when you are not home. They knock on your door. If you don't answer and a dog doesn't bark, an open window is an invitation for them to enter and steal your stuff. They like to take small stuff like money and jewelry. They forgot to bring a bag, so they usually take a pillowcase off your bed to carry the loot. They can be in and out of your house in minutes. It just doesn't take that long to ransack the place. Sometimes burglars will do several houses in the same neighborhood. Once outside they find a big shrub or hedge to hide the pillowcase. They will come back later to collect the stuff. (that way, even if they are caught right after the crime - you can't prove that it was them) If you really must leave your windows open, get those inexpensive screw on locks that only allow the window to open four inches. Yeah, they could break the window, but they won't - I told you, they are lazy. They will skip your house and go to your neighbors. I never answer the door if I am not expecting you (so call me first - maybe I will answer the phone!) A lot of people knock on my door in the day. I wish I could keep that damn pack of dogs quiet! I sure would have a suprise for the burglar!


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thanks for the tip and also I would like to add that some not so lazy theives will remove a small window AC unit to gain entry to your home.

Joann said...

If I am home, but do not wish to answer the door I make some sort of noise just to let them know that someone is inside.

Kerri said...

Interesting information Tuff. Thanks for the advise.