Friday, October 27, 2006

How do you sleep?

I guess everyone has a unique way of sleeping. I usually sleep on my side. I have four pillows, two regular size, a bolster type, and a small travel pillow. I keep a heating pad under the pillows, just in case my back hurts. My sleeping style was developed from my snoring and having carpel tunnel syndrome. I wore wrist braces for five years while sleeping, until I had carpel tunnel release surgery on one wrist in 1996. After that I was no longer bothered by it, because I learned to keep my wrists straight while I type and while I sleep. I have my head on one pillow, I hug the other one, I keep my wrists straight on the bolster pillow, and the travel pillow stays tucked under my chin to keep my mouth closed! I have found that the best to prevent snoring is to breathe through your nose, and that little pillow has worked wonders for me. I have also discovered that I have less sinus problems, because my nose stays clear. My bedroom is my inner sanctum. I keep it cool and dark. I can close up my bedroom even on the sunniest day and make it as dark as night in there. This works great if I take a nap in the daytime. I never slept enough when I was working. Now that I am retired, I always make sure that I sleep eight hours a night. If I feel a little fatigued in the day, I take a short nap, then I am refreshed. Ahhh! I am so lucky, I love my life!


Hari said...
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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Wow...what a sleeping ritual! And so many pillows.

My sleeping habits are very boring. I can fall asleep with or without a pillow and I fall asleep in about 15 to 30 seconds after getting into bed. So, I don't know in what position I sleep, but I do snore (according to Jimmy ) and if I respond honestly to this, I have even woken myself up with my snoring...But I'll have to kill you if you tell anyone. *LOL* It'll be our little secret.

I do know that I'm usually clutching the tv remote because I need the tv on to fall asleep and I'm usually searching for something interesting to watch, which I never get to see, because I can't stay awake.

jellyhead said...

hi Tuff :)

That all sounds very complicated! but hey, whatever works, right?!

I'm boring - just one pillow, sleep on side or back. I don't think I usually snore, but I too will confess to occasionally having woken myself up with a snort! (shhhh!)

Bob Cuddy said...

My snoring was a problem for the spouse. My wife would often wake me to stop snoring. We found an unexpected solution that has stopped my snoring: The SquidFace and ComfyRest pillows. The snoring relief was an unexpected benefit of an invention I patented for being able to lie facedown comfortably and breathe without turning my head to the side. Snoring relief and many additional pain relief benefits are on my website.

Eternally Curious said...

I've always been able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, any (prone) positoin (hubby, on the other hand, can even fall asleep sitting up), and with or without a pillow, but never more than 1.

Motherkitty said...

Happy Halloween to one of my favorite ghoul friends.

Kerri said...

I like the way you write about the everyday mundane stuff sometimes :) I'm glad you've worked out some good solutions that work for you.
I sometimes sleep with a pillow between my knees to keep my hips/spine straight. I've had my share of back problems. They're not fun.
When I occasionally have trouble falling asleep I use Melatonin, which is a supplement. It works great and doesn't make you heavy-headed in the morning.