Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You can order specialty stamps with any photograph on them. They cost quite a bit, but I like to put them on our Christmas cards. You have to take them to the post office and ask that they hand stamp them, so that the postmark doesn't cover the photo. I make the boys dress up in suits. (it is just about the only time that I can get them to dress up) I let them pose anyway they want. What a difference a year makes!
We had to buy them new (bigger) suits this year. They have to shop at the mens store now.
They are still posing the same way.


jellyhead said...

They look like great kids/young men - and they're even improving with time!

susan said...

Yes, good looking guys! And love your band photos in Large Size on the side of the bandwagon!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Okay...this is my 3rd try at leaving you a comment, so here goes.

Your boys look great and are getting handsomer with age. I also didn't know that you could have personal stamps made by the post office. I think that's a great idea...I may check it out.

Kerri said...

What a neat idea! That's a great pose and the boys look terrific in their suits :)