Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I thought about you today!

This blogging thing still has me fascinated. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. I think about all of you a lot. I try to keep up with reading my favorite blogs, but like so many of you (Kerri), I discover new blogs all the time. Today I was out painting the fence. When you are immersed in such a boring project your mind wanders. I starting wondering how much snow Kerri was buried in, and how cold it must be. Others around the states probably still have snow on the ground. I thought of you today Motherkitty, I am glad that you seem to be back up to speed with your blog, and I am hoping it is because your health is good. Jelly, I thought of you and again of that scary dingo story with your naked Mum hero! T2T, I wondered if your weather was nice enough for you to go out and take some photos with your new camera. Terri, I am glad that you are having some time to enjoy blogging, your new blog has a great looking format and the name definitely fits you! Susan, I am wondering how your weather is there, and if snow would just slide right off that new, steep, red roof and I wish I would take the time to travel around as much as you do. Sandy, I see a lot of three-wheelers lately, and I wonder if one day I will see you roll up on your big red one! I hope my favorite taxi drivers (Bob, Joann, & Wil) are staying safe - I think about you driving around, lonely sometimes, very much like being a beat cop on patrol. There, I got another fence panel white-washed. Thanks to my thoughts of all of you - it seems like time flew by!


susan said...

WOW! Thanks for thinking of us! You are right about my new roof, on our first snowfall of the year I ran out to take a picture of the snow on the red roof, but it had all slid off already. I am hoping it was the slickness of the roof and not the warmth of the house coming through.

I am picturing you now out there whitewashing the fence like - was it Tom Sawyer? And thinking of you out there solving crimes...

~patchwork reflections
~memories in a jar

Motherkitty said...

Tuffy, what a sweet post. Thanks for thinking of all of us. I've done that so many times (daydreamed about my blog pals). If I had a genie in a bottle, one of my wishes would be to personally visit my favorite people in all the world, my blogging buddies.

Yes, I am feeling better now that I'm back on my regular dose of hormones. My doctor said I'm one of those who should never be off it. (One of the terrible side effects of not taking my premarin was depression, except I didn't realize how depressed I got until I talked with a nurse friend of mine.) So, I'm glad I talked about it.

Hope you get the fence finished soon so you can go on to bigger and better things. L. xoxox

Bob said...

Aww shucks that's nice, nice to see you back posting again cheers.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Happy to help a sister out...thanks for thinking of me!

Terri said...

Wow... I am impressed ... :-)
how sweet of you to think of me...
that's so neat!

I think it's cute that "motherkitty" calls you Tuffy...

Funny you posted this today..

I was telling my husband today about all the neat people that I have e~met and how exciting it is.
I went on and on and on!

So many neat peeps out there!!

I'm sure I'll be e~seeing you soon!!

Oh.. and thanks for the compliment on the blog name... I figured since I love that movie so much ... and considering what we've been fit perfectly!

jellyhead said...

It's so nice to be thought of :)

Glad you liked the scary dingo story .... so far, so good with the calf Amy's recovery.

Good luck with getting all your jobs done this weekend!

Eternally Curious said...

What a nice thing to do Tuff! I often think of you too...I do feel badly that I don't stop by to visit more often tho. I hope you know that.

Kerri said...

It's so nice to be thought of Tuff. Thank you! I do this all the time too...and wish I had more time to visit and see what you're all up to. I often wonder if you all have as much trouble keeping up as I do.
It really is fascinating to feel such a close friendship with people far away, who we've never seen. Well, some show us pics, but the rest we have to picture in our mind's eye. I wonder how accurate our mental pictures are.
Sounds like the fence is giving you lots of time to think anyway, and that's not a bad thing :)
We still have plenty of snow but spring is on the way!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's sweet of you to think about your blogging buddies while whitewashing your fence. I talk about you & my other blogging friends to Jimmy and I think he now knows who I am referring too. In fact he suggested that I come over to your post when that 13 year old boy was missing to see if you had anything to say about it (which you did).

One of these days you may see me ride by on my three wheeler, as I have been wondering where Cucoo is.