Thursday, February 01, 2007

No place like home

I was only gone for eight days, but it seemed like a month. I am so glad that I went to Virginia when I did - my mother was so sick. Her hands looked like boxing gloves and she could not do ANYTHING for herself. Her GP did not know the cause of this hand swelling and said that it "would go away in time". My brother had taken her to the doctor three times and told me that there was nothing that they could do. I took her right over to the doctor. I knew that they had to do something- or I would be changing doctors. The doctor suspects rheumatoid arthritis; he recommended a specialist. He gave her prednisone, which took the swelling down almost immediately, it was gone in 48 hours. She has an appointment with the arthritis specialist next Monday. Mom is also incontinent and up until my visit refused to wear adult diapers. I finally convinced her that the diapers were comfortable and certainly better than peeing in your pants! Elderly parents are very much like toddlers. You have to bathe, dress and feed them. When you take them out you must seatbelt them into the car, help them get in and out. It is really a lot of work, but also a labor of love. My mom is so independant and wants to continue to live in her house. I don't know how much longer that she will be able to do this. I will try to help by visiting once a month or so.


jellyhead said...

Hi Tuff, welcome home!

It must have been rough to see your mother having so much trouble with her hands, with continence, etc. I'm sure you understand her desire to stay at home, but I bet you're also concerned how she will manage.
At least with your regular visits, you'll know when the time has come to coax her to move into an aged care facility.

By the way, has her GP teed up all the possible home assistance your mother is eligible for? I'm not sure what help you can get in the US, but I know that over here, older people/their families are often not aware of the services that can be accessed to help people remain in their homes. Just a thought.

susan said...

Did your place survive the recent storms in Florida?

Thinking of you while you take care of your mom.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I've been thinking of you and hoping that your home survived the storms and that you and your family are safe and sound.

doubleknot said...

Glad the storms didn't get you. My room mate has family in Lady Lake and his sis said it missed her place by one mile.

It is hard when parents get older. My mother is determined to stay in her home till she can no longer manage.

It was a good thing you took your mother back to the doctor and insisted on some treatment and not just getting fluffed off.

Kerri said...

So glad to hear the Dr. was able to treat your mom's hands. Good for you for persisting. Strange that the GP didn't think of prednisone in the first place. It's a cure-all for so many things. My hubby takes it. Your mom does know she has to come off it gradually, I hope?
It's good that you're able to visit your mom at least once a month.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that things aren't going well with your Mom. You know what I went through with my parents. It is so difficult for them to give up their independence.
Happy to know that the storms didn't visit your area again. Had email from Gary - didn't hit him either.
I'm still holding out hope for a visit from you..........
Hiding in the High Desert