Saturday, December 22, 2007


I like to sleep in the dark. Even when I worked nights and had to sleep in the daytime, I wanted it dark in my bedroom. I bought "black out" blinds so no sun would get in. Now I have moved my computer and desk into the bedroom. Lately when I can't sleep, I notice that there are several "light emitting diodes"(LED) all over my room. They may be tiny little lights, but in the dark they can be very bright, especially if there are a lot of them.

Last night I took an assessment of all these lights. There is a light on the power buttons of the computer and the remote drive, a light on the keyboard and the speaker remote. There is a LED clock on the television tuner, and another alarm clock. The printer, the DVD stand-by, the TV stand-by, the telephone, the answering machine all have little lights! Even my electric toothbrush has a light on the charger! It is so bright in my bedroom that it is no wonder I was having trouble sleeping! Looking at all these lights made me realize that I had forgotten to plug in my camera battery. I got up to plug it in, it will glow orange until the battery is charged, then green!


Sandy said...

I did the same thing one night and I went throughout the house and noticed that we don't ever need to turn on a light to navigate around the house at night. There's already too many lights on, so I started unplugging the things I seldom use that are just on 'standby.' There are still too many LED lights on and I wish there was a way to turn them off.

Kerri said...

Those are pretty lights! Yes, we do have lots of them, don't we?
I hope you sleep well tonight Tuff!

bigbikerbob said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and I'm afraid I have to say that if a few lights like that keep you awake then you must sleep badly. I could sleep through an earthquake!!1.

doubleknot said...

I sleep dark or light and sometimes when I want to stay awake like watching a movie. I have an alarm clock in my bedroom with big numbers so I can see what time it is when I wake up that way I can go back to sleep if it is too early.

janeywan said...

I've been conscious of how light interrupts my sleep since I been staying in denver where power is plentyful and things tend to stay plugged in. Outside lighting that streams through the windows even at night amazes me.

We live off grid when we spend time in Westcliffe. Living off grid forces us to unplug. Right now, sitting here in denver on my laptop I'm looking at four things plugged in and only using one thing, silly me. It's all in what you get use to.