Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Old Mom!

I am back home from my trip to Virginia. I set up my Mother's Christmas tree and some decorations for her. She doesn't seem to care much anymore. It gets more difficult to communicate with my Mom, she is very deaf, and will not wear her hearing aids. For her, it must feel like she is in a world of her own. Occasionally, when she wants to hear, she will wear a portable headset with an amplifier, but she quickly grows tired of hearing us! When she watches television, the volume is very high for her to hear it - the neighbors can probably hear it quite well! She seems to be in good health, complains about the usual aches & pains. She is done with the doctor because "he doesn't do anything!" I tell her that the doctor cannot make you 20 years old again! Still, I am sad as I see my Mom getting older. Maybe I see what is in store for me! However, I will try not to be as stubborn about wearing hearing aids and adult diapers!

Preston went with me to Virginia. I guess it was good for him to get a little break from school and the regular routine. He seems to be be trying a little harder this week in school - I hope it lasts - I wouldn't want him to have to repeat and courses or not graduate on time. He was glad to have his jacket because it was forty degrees in Virginia. We were glad to get back to Florida and our beloved tropical weather. It was eighty degrees when we got off the plane in Tampa.

My middle dog, Buddy, got a new bed. He is getting kind of fat, so he needed a bigger bed.
The poor guy can't get near it because big brother dog, Ransome, has decided that the bed is for him!!!

Sad, Buddy must sleep on the couch!


jellyhead said...

Hi Tuff,

Your Mum sounds great - feisty and gutsy. Of course I guess that makes it hard sometimes when you feel she isn't necessarily doing what you feel is best! But she sounds wonderful, and looks like a handsome woman in her photo. It was lovely of you to go all that way to spend time with her and get her home a bit Christmas-y.

The photo of Preston is cute, too - he looks all 'young man brooding'! (though he was probably just cold, right?!)

I want to say thanks Tuff for being a friend to me. You are someone who always drops by and comments; who always has something kind or amusing to say. It is this time of year that I feel I can get away with being 'soppy' towards everyone, so THANK YOU!

Kerri said...

That's a nice photo of your mom :) Glad you had a nice (if sometimes frustrating) visit with her. Are the hearing aids uncomfortable, or do they aggravate her?
So you had a little taste of winter, eh? We're getting socked with a snow storm today. Our school closed before noon and all after school activities (and everything else!) have been cancelled. I kind of like it when this long as I'm cozy and warm in the house.
I'm glad Preston took his jacket :) Hope the new trend lasts!
Love the pictures of your pooches. Oh poor Buddy, being relegated to that soft, comfy couch :)

Schiplady said...

Tuff: Sorry to hear that your Mom is slipping and being hard-headed. And yeah ... you will be just like that !! Look what Pres has to look forward to. At least your Mom still knows you, even if she does tune you out. I made doggie beds for all our guys out of egg crate foam covered with sheet material. No one would sleep on them. Egg crate foam is now being used in gun cases! Hope you all have a great Christmas. Preston is a cool kid and will turn out well in spite of everything..........

Sandy said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your mom and got her Christmas tree set up. I'm sure she liked it.

Preston has really grown into a fine young man and I think Buddy got the better deal after all...I would rather sleep on a comfy couch instead of on the floor in a doggy bed.