Wednesday, June 18, 2008

(click on photo to see a close-up)
I saw these two baby raccoons back in the new subdivision when I was back there on my walk one day. I think they may be orpans, they looked so confused. I hope they make it without their mama!


jellyhead said...

How cute! Hope they're OK.

doubleknot said...

Cute picture. Maybe mom is just hiding and the young ones didn't know enough to follow her. She will come back for those babies when all is quiet.
Sorry about your mother. 89 is a nice long life. As you know I have had my own loss recently and it is very hard to accept.

Glad your son did the manly thing and shook hands with the principle. He is going to have to work hard this summer to keep up with the gas prices.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Poor little buddies. Such a poignant photo of the effects of human encroachment on the natural world.