Monday, June 23, 2008

New life

Our friends Ryan & Anna just had a new baby this week. Here is "Kendal Madison" on her birthday! She is cute. Well, they are all cute, but what constant work. It is worth it of course, but remember those nights with a newborn - no sleep? Thank goodness that part doesn't last that long. In looking at the new baby I realize that really - they all look alike. (don't ever say that to a mother of a newborn!) No wonder some newborns get switched at birth! Most of them look very similar (other than the hair or no hair thing!) While looking at the baby I thought of my Mother. She is in the rehab hospital now, but still cannot eat, speak or walk, and someone must do everything for her. It is so much like a newborn baby. I hope she will recover so she is aware, but no one knows, she could stay like this for years. We start out as helpless infants. If we don't die from some ailment or disease, we end up as older adults who become progressively more helpless. I guess it is the circle of life.


Susan said...

Whew! You scared me! I know I haven't been reading blogs much lately, but when I saw that baby I thought, "Oh, my, her son was just graduating high school the last time I checked..."

Just what you need, right? Beautiful baby, especially since you are just visiting!

Have a good one, stay cool!

StampNdance said...

Is that Debbi's grand baby? Tell her congrats from me if it is. I'm so sorry to hear of your mom and I'm praying for her.

Bonnie L

doubleknot said...

It really is a cute baby - I have never seen one that wasn't.

Sorry about your mother. It is hard when a parent has gone almost full circle.

jellyhead said...

Oh, no, I disagree entirely! Maybe it's because I see so many babies at work, but believe me they are many and varied and some are positively peculiar-looking! Whereas this little sweetie is chubby and cute and not at all odd!

Good to see you posting (not that I can talk - I'm getting so quiet over at my blog, too). Hope you're managing to enjoy some of your summer despite your mother's ill health.

Babies are a wonderful distraction, and as you say they remind us of the cycle of life.