Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poor Buddy, "poor" me!

My middle dog, Buddy, had to have surgery yesterday to remove three tumors and six teeth! I have to keep him from running, jumping, and playing with the other dogs for a few days. I also have to keep him from biting at the incision sites and messing with his stitches. I have him wrapped in a big towel, laying in my bed. I think he will be alright if I can keep him from biting & licking; it is natural for dogs to lick. Anyway, don't feel sorry for Buddy (he has my excellent nursing care) - feel sorry for me - I am the one who had to pay $800. for the proceedure!


jellyhead said...

Three tumours and six teeth - good golly Miss Molly!!

It's so hard to keep dogs 'quiet' isn't it - it seems after the anaesthetic wears off they just start running around as usual.

Hope you don't go too nuts being 'dog nurse'!

Schiplady said...

Tuff: Had my 15 year old Murphy to the vet Tuesday for a dental and he lost 3 teeth. The doctor told me they had to use a jackhammer to get the tartar off his teeth. My vet trip was $145, but blood work had been done earlier so wasn't included in this cost. I was really worried due to his age, but he seems to be doing okay and is eating much better. My poor little 12 year old girl Sheda had 10 teeth removed in December and you would never know it from the way she sucks down food. Hope Buddy does okay. Really sorry to hear about your Mom. I haven't been spending much time on the net lately so I hadn't read your blogs. I hope she comes around enough so that she knows you and your brother. My Mom didn't know me the last 6 months that we were in Florida and it was very painful.I wish you and your family the best.