Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tree friends

I am constantly seeing faces in trees. I wonder if this is some sort of mental illness. Do you see a face in this photo? Maybe it is just me. Maybe I need more real friends!


Paradise Driver said...

You see faces in trees. I bet you even talk to them and they, if the wind is just right, whisper back to you.

Sounds about right for a soon to be "empty-nester".

How is Preston enjoying his last true summer of freedom?

How's the puppy doing?

TUFFENUF said...

Thanks for your comment, P.D. -but you never said - DO YOU SEE A FACE IN THAT TREE? Preston is relaxing, so glad that he is out of high school; Buddy is good- gets his stitches out Thursday - thanks for asking.

jellyhead said...

Um, I can kinda see a lopsided face, with two eyes a bit skewed, then a nose lower down and the mouth even lower. Is that what you mean?!

I see things in clouds all the time, so maybe you & I have variants of the same mental illness!

Schiplady said...

Tuff: I do see a sort of lopsided face in the knots where branches were trimmed, but then I don't have many friends either. Maybe if we didn't live so far apart we could spend some time together and stop looking at trees!!!