Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay, Fay, GO AWAY! & my broken heart

I live in the middle of Florida, on the west side. I have been blessed because in the years I have lived here, I have never had a direct hit from a hurricane. Last Monday we all braced to have a hit from Tropical Storm Fay on Tuesday. We put up our storm shutters. The inside of the house was dark from being boarded up, and I couldn't look out the windows. (one of favorite things to do!) By the next day the storm had veered to the east and we were spared, not even a drop of rain! Fay proceeded east across the state and out into the Atlantic Ocean. I thought we were done with her. NO. Now she is slowly meandering west again across the northern part of the state! I will again avoid bad weather when it is all around me.

I got some bad news from the cardiologist about my recent stress test. I didn't completely fail it, but let's just say I got a "D minus". The doctor has put me on vasodilator medication, but is suggesting that I have another cardiac catherization soon to determine if other arteries are blocked. This is the test where they thread a wire up through your femoral artery into your heart, and it is really the only definitive test to show the condition of your coronary arteries. I have had this test before in 2001. During the test if they find too many blocked arteries, they may decide to do open heart surgery at that time. I am waiting to check my options, but I know I am just postponing the inevitable. I want to check in to the "Davinci" machine, a fairly new robotic surgery that doesn't involve splitting open my breast-bone! Anyway, it is a lot to think about, but since stress affects my condition, I am trying to remain calm about the whole thing.

On a lighter note, my son Preston loves college! The difference in his attitude is amazing! He told me yesterday that he might even work ahead, and get his assignments done before they are due! I am happy for him and it is nice to see him relaxed instead of stressed out all the time! A couple of days before school started he got his shoulder length hair cut to a regular cut and shaved off his two inch beard! I don't know why he decided to do this, maybe to look more mainstream. It is nice to see him on the road to success, but he still has not decided on a major.


Jellyhead said...

I heard there was a hurricane threatening in Florida - so glad it hasn't hit you, and here's hoping it peters out quickly.

As for your heart, do stay calm but find out how things are. Then you can make an informed decision. Better to know and deal with it, right?

It's wonderful to hear that Preston is going so well :) Have a happy weekend Tuff!

Schiplady said...

Glad to hear that Preston likes college. I hope he does well. I hope you don't have to go through the open heart surgery. I can only imagine how much stress you must be under now. I will say a prayer for you and keep my fingers crossed. And in spite of the hurricanes, I can't wait to get moved back to Florida. I know it won't be the same not living in the Tampa Bay area, but at least I will be closer to friends. Love you.

Susan said...

I was just telling my kids yesterday about a blogger friend's son who was not a morning person and his college classes started late so maybe he would do better getting there than high school, so it is great to hear of his good news. Maybe it is just the timing?

Sorry to hear about your broken heart, but hopefully new technology can fix it right up! Don't stress about it, worrying does no good. Good luck!