Monday, October 19, 2009

I love my dogs!

The new puppy IDGY is doing well, learning to sit on command for a treat and learning to potty outside. She is a real doll, I swear her legs get longer everyday! She has learned how to bark & growl and has a very deep voice for a puppy! Wire Fox Terrier puppies are born with almost all black hair on their face, then it fades out to brown. Since they do not shed, they have to be groomed with plucking or shaving. By the time of her first grooming, she will look much different, loosing all the black around her face & head. It is natural for these dogs to dig, as they are ratters, and she has started that already, although I am right behind her with a distraction! I don't want to have holes in the backyard.

She loves to run and play with her big brother, HEMI.

The old dog, BUDDY, tolerates her, but still growls at her to stay away from him. She growls right back at him, but keeps her distance. Buddy says, "Leave me alone, I'm old!"

This past weekend, we went to the "Dog Extravaganza" and saw lots of other breeds of dogs. The vendors at the show gave away LOTS of samples of dog food. I am trying different foods for the new puppy to see what she likes.


Epiphenita said...

"Leave me alone, I'm old!"
Is that the dog or the owner speaking?

Are you starting a little animal farm there, Dr. Doolittle?

Schiplady said...

The "extraveganza" was neat and I got a lot of samples for my guys also. It was really good seeing you again.

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