Monday, October 12, 2009

. . . the right to bear arms!

I went to the gun show yesterday. Anyone who thinks the economy is bad should go to one of these events. The place was packed despite the $8. admission price. The concealed carry classes conducted twice a day during the weekend are always filled up. To get a concealed carry permit in Florida, you have to attend a two hour lecture and a five minute "range qualification". The range consisted of you entering the booth, picking up a pistol, pointing it downrange and firing the pistol, ONCE. That's it, you pay your fee, get fingerprinted, and send your application off to the State. In about six or eight weeks you will be licensed to carry a firearm CONCEALED on your person, or in your purse. I am retired law enforcement and a retired police firearms instructor, and I got to tell you, the number of people licensed to carry guns with little or no training scares me. How about the rest of the people who carry without a license? Everyone knows that they have the "right" in America to arm themselves. There are undertones around these shows that the Obama administration is looking to outlaw guns. Now there are record gun sales, and record ammunition sales, so much that there is a shortage. People are "stocking up" and there is more gun violence on the streets than ever before. I don't know what the answer to this problem is. Good, law biding citizens are now arming themselves because they are afraid that they will be attacked and will have no defense against the criminals. It is looking like America is going back to wild west times. Sad.

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