Thursday, October 29, 2009

Custom made urns

Since none of us get out of this life alive. . . I thought I would show you my friend Marion's urns. You might remember me telling you about my talented woodworker friend in an earlier post. She is the one who made the murphy bed and the Adirondack chairs for me. Anyway, she has made urns for people and for pets and here are a few photos of her work. She makes them in all sizes, according to your needs.

Contact me at my e-mail if you are interested in purchasing an urn or if you just want more information about them.


Jellyhead said...

They look like lovely urns, Tuff, but I hope I don't need one any time soon!!!

Idgy is looking VERY cute (just reading back through the last 3 posts today). Glad to hear she is doing well with 'puppy preschool'.

As far as the vet appointments, we have to make appointments here for the vet, always. The surgeries seem to be run just like 'people doctor' surgeries. They even have a sign about how emergencies will take priority, so there could be a wait (there rarely is).

Just to add - not all people (or doggie!) doctors play golf!

Motherkitty said...

Do the urns come with a lifetime guarantee? Bad pun, I know.

Actually, they are beautiful. But, I'm not ready for one yet and hope I won't need one for about 40 years.

Schiplady said...

Nanc: The urns look great but I already have one for Bob. A wood worker friend of ours in NM keeps one on hand and sent it back here with me. Marion does beautiful work.

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