Sunday, November 01, 2009

Endless summer

Well, it is November. In Florida that means that we have made it through another hurricane season. (June-November) YEA! There were very few named storms, most of them stayed in the Atlantic and did not come near us. Last year in preparation of getting my new windows, I painted all my window inserts white, mostly to preserve the wood. I store these panels back in my shed. I have to constantly check and re-check everything I have back there because in hot, sunny Florida we have a lot of bugs. Lately, I have been "bugged" by black carpenter ants. They seem to be all over and get into every nook & cranny and set up nests everywhere. I recently got a new outside gas grill and found them living up under the gas tank of the old one. They had also made a nest in the electric box of the rotisserie. I had a hell of a time getting all of them out of there with bug spray, then I had to take it apart and clean out their "nest mess". It is not very pleasant and very time consuming to keep up with all of this maintenance, but I guess that is the price you pay to live in paradise. I wish we would get a little cold weather. I have lived in Florida since 1975 and this is the warmest it has ever been this late in the year. I would be happy with any temp below 80 degrees! Remind me of this post when I have to go to Chicago in February!


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