Thursday, October 29, 2009

Custom made urns

Since none of us get out of this life alive. . . I thought I would show you my friend Marion's urns. You might remember me telling you about my talented woodworker friend in an earlier post. She is the one who made the murphy bed and the Adirondack chairs for me. Anyway, she has made urns for people and for pets and here are a few photos of her work. She makes them in all sizes, according to your needs.

Contact me at my e-mail if you are interested in purchasing an urn or if you just want more information about them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vet visit

I have to take "IDGY" to the vet for her 12 week shot. I made the mistake of calling first and of course they made me make an appointment. I asked if I could just come in now, and they said no, that the doctor wasn't in on Wednesday afternoons! (Of course he isn't, he is out playing golf with the people doctors!) Now I have an "appointment" for Friday afternoon. I will know better next time to just show up. Next, they will be asking for my doggy's health insurance card!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


See how my face is getting browner? My mom bought me a red collar. I have to wear it for my puppy pre-school class!

I heard a lot of "GOOD GIRL" in school tonight!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Puppy pre-school

Idgy will be 12 weeks old this Friday. We decided since she is such a "willful" breed that we should take her to obedience school. Last night she went to her first class. She was a hit at school, everyone "ooowing & aahaaaing" about how cute she is. She learned how to walk on a lead and sit and to pay attention. About 30 minutes into the 50 minute class, she was bored and wanted to go home. Her schedule was so re-arranged yesterday that she was up at 3 AM this morning. I hope today that we can get her back on schedule so she will sleep through the night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tammy & Valerie

I do not know them well. I only met them once when we all had dinner together with mutual friends at a Thai restaurant. I thought they were both nice, and I liked the way that they were comfortable with each other. It was clear that they were quite fond of each other by the way they interacted; the way people look when they know each others next thought. I was sad when I heard the news about their terrible motorcycle accident sixteen days ago. It was a shock and a tragedy to everyone as the news spread among their friends. Broken bones and brain injuries usually happen in a motorcycle accident, and this one was no exception. In the first couple of days, it was not clear that Tammy would even survive. Each day that she is in the hospital gets us a little closer to having a collective sigh of relief, that at least now she will survive. I have owned two motorcycles myself, when I was younger. You think to yourself, "it will be OK because I am a careful driver". You never know when out of nowhere, someone will not see you and hit you. I find myself thinking of what must have been going through Tammy & Valerie's minds as the accident was occurring. Tammy tried to keep the bike upright, as it was skidding out of control. Valerie, helpless to do anything but hold on, on the back of the bike. I am sure they were both so scared. Incidents like this begin to slow down when you are in them, and seem to go like a slow motion movie, frame by frame by frame. I hope that they have no memory of this and I hope that they are not lying in their hospital beds reliving it and wondering what they could have done differently to change the events of that night. Tammy & Valerie were smart to have a health care surrogate in place, their good friend of many years, Donna. If there are angels on earth, Donna is surely one of them. She has taken care of everything from difficult medical decisions to feeding their cat, and everything in between. If good thoughts or prayers for them can speed up their recovery, they have plenty of that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I love my dogs!

The new puppy IDGY is doing well, learning to sit on command for a treat and learning to potty outside. She is a real doll, I swear her legs get longer everyday! She has learned how to bark & growl and has a very deep voice for a puppy! Wire Fox Terrier puppies are born with almost all black hair on their face, then it fades out to brown. Since they do not shed, they have to be groomed with plucking or shaving. By the time of her first grooming, she will look much different, loosing all the black around her face & head. It is natural for these dogs to dig, as they are ratters, and she has started that already, although I am right behind her with a distraction! I don't want to have holes in the backyard.

She loves to run and play with her big brother, HEMI.

The old dog, BUDDY, tolerates her, but still growls at her to stay away from him. She growls right back at him, but keeps her distance. Buddy says, "Leave me alone, I'm old!"

This past weekend, we went to the "Dog Extravaganza" and saw lots of other breeds of dogs. The vendors at the show gave away LOTS of samples of dog food. I am trying different foods for the new puppy to see what she likes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

. . . the right to bear arms!

I went to the gun show yesterday. Anyone who thinks the economy is bad should go to one of these events. The place was packed despite the $8. admission price. The concealed carry classes conducted twice a day during the weekend are always filled up. To get a concealed carry permit in Florida, you have to attend a two hour lecture and a five minute "range qualification". The range consisted of you entering the booth, picking up a pistol, pointing it downrange and firing the pistol, ONCE. That's it, you pay your fee, get fingerprinted, and send your application off to the State. In about six or eight weeks you will be licensed to carry a firearm CONCEALED on your person, or in your purse. I am retired law enforcement and a retired police firearms instructor, and I got to tell you, the number of people licensed to carry guns with little or no training scares me. How about the rest of the people who carry without a license? Everyone knows that they have the "right" in America to arm themselves. There are undertones around these shows that the Obama administration is looking to outlaw guns. Now there are record gun sales, and record ammunition sales, so much that there is a shortage. People are "stocking up" and there is more gun violence on the streets than ever before. I don't know what the answer to this problem is. Good, law biding citizens are now arming themselves because they are afraid that they will be attacked and will have no defense against the criminals. It is looking like America is going back to wild west times. Sad.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Back to the gym

I am back to the gym this week; I really couldn't think of anymore excuses not to go. The "Anytime Fitness Club" (as they call it) is less than a mile from my house. I could walk there or bike there like I used to when I first joined but there is so much road construction now at the entry roads to my neighborhood that walking or biking is almost impossible. Matt is going with me as he is trying to get in shape for boot camp. The club is open 24 hours. I really like that because we go late at night when no one else is around. They have great treadmills, the kind with the attached television. I like that - I can watch TV and take my mind off what I am doing. The also have free weights & machines (all kinds of torture machines). I hope to get back to walking and exercising regularly. My cardiac treadmill test is in November and I want to do good on it so I am "in training" for that! If the weather EVER cools off I can get back to biking. I hate exercise but I feel so much better when I do it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Long time!

Wow, it is a long time between posts! Not much news here. Preston is in college, but was laid off from his part-time job. Not much in the luggage sales in this economy. He loved that job but I guess it was too good to be true - a job where you can sit around & study between customers. Matt is waiting around to go in the Navy, 70 more days until boot camp. He will be going to Great Lakes, Illinois in mid December. That means he graduates 8 weeks from that date. His Mom & I will have to brave the winter to go to his graduation; cold weather that we are not accustomed to.
I have a new puppy- a wirehared fox terrier, cute as she can be!

Hemi tolerates her. Just like a little sister, she always wants to play with his toys!