Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tree house

Reading Susan's recent post made me think back to the time when the "moms" built a tree house for the "boys" several years ago. We thought that they would spend hours playing in their new fort. Preston was up there about twice before he discovered that there were spiders in the oak tree, and that was the end of that! Matthew played up there a few times too, but not nearly as much as I thought he would. I discovered that it is better to let the boys do their own thing. Sometimes a discarded cardboard box is the best play fort, and a hell of a lot cheaper! The tree house was up for about a year and a half before we tore it down. In this photo, Preston is in the house right before demolition began. Notice he is not touching anything in there, still scared of spiders!


susan said...

Hopefully ours will be used more! But you can never predict the behavior of kids.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Our tree house was used a lot and my daughter built a play house for her son, which he used quite a bit...But we build on for our three kids and they really didn't used it much.

You just never know if they're really going to play in it or not. Build it and they will come...maybe.

jellyhead said...

OK, thanks for the warning...I will keep this in mind if my kids ever bug us for a treehouse!

By the way, thanks for being so friendly to my Mum about her guest post. I think she quite enjoyed the whole blogging experience!

Stuart said...
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Stuart said...

Totally agree with you TUFFENUF. We built one for our kids and they only use it when someone else's kids rock up to our house.

Still, it does get used then and was a great project to do with them. It was like Christmas had come early when they first were able to use it.