Friday, April 21, 2006

The way I see it. . . .

As I read the news and see the television reports, I don't know how much longer we will survive as a civilization. There seems to be so much unrest, fighting, and poverty. It is so depressing. Since I retired about 15 years before I expected too, I thought that the rest of my life would be stress free. I envisioned myself traveling around the country, pulling my travel trailer, care free. It looks like that is not a possibility unless a bring a wheelbarrow full of cash to pay for gas. It is kind of sad that we spend so much energy arguing and fighting. Our time would be so much better spent finding disease cures, looking for alternative fuel sources, helping the poverty stricken people. Instead the leaders and politicians run the world pursuing their own agendas, with no regard for the other guy and his opinion. I have always considered myself an optimist, but lately the whole state of the world has me really "down". The sad thing is that I really don't know what to do about it. Write my congressman? No one seems to care unless it is around election time. When I look at history, even in my short lifetime, I see other dire times when it looked like the end of the world was in sight. Maybe the world has always been this way, but now, more than ever before, it looks to me like we are on the brink of disaster.


doubleknot said...

The women of the world should unite and take a stand - as wives, mothers, and daughters bet we could get on with the good things in life.

Living overseas and see what it is like I still think America has the best 'proverty level' class - who do you know that doesn't have running water, a car (well maybe some), a TV - electric to run it - yet we are still listed in the proverty level.

Thinking of the world is too much for me. I worry enough about my little corner and have decided long ago that big business is responsible for a lot of the wrongs in the world.

The world is always going to be with us. What ever happens in life people manage to go on living.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The world is in complete caos...people are fighting and killing each other and others are starving to death. Our country is plenty capable of growing alternative fuel for our cars, it would put the farmer back in business, but unfortunately the oil company CEO wouldn't get his $450 million dollar bonus. Who needs that much money anyway? That's a bit obscene if you ask me.

Tuffenuf, don't get me started!!! I'm going to have to cool down here.

Texas2Tennessee said...

The truth is, there is ample abundance in the world to go around. The greed of the "haves" keeps the resources from the "have nots". Our government pays farmers not to farm, yet there are people starving in the world....does that make sense? We've had the technology for decades to operate cars on alternative fuel sources, but those plans have been kept under wraps to perpetuate the profits of the oil and gas and car mfg industries. It will take something catastrophic to get all people on the same playing field again and if nuclear arms continue to be built and tested around the world, that just might happen.

I levelled my own playing field by making a conscious decision to leave the for profit world and live at a retreat center where I cultivate my spirit instead of my bank account. I've never been happier and I live without a lot of things I used to think were essential to my happiness. It's funny, but I feel so rich, even though I now live below the poverty level.