Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last parade

The boys and the band marched in the last parade for this school year this past Saturday night. I didn't march with them this year. Instead we watched the parade from the sidelines. This was nice, we got to see the other bands and floats. I am always worried about Preston getting enough water since his last bout with dehydration, so I bought him a "Camelback" water backpack. This thing is neat, a little two quart bladder bottle inside a backpack made for it. It has a tube that goes over your shoulder, and a little bite valve, so it doesn't leak, and the cold water on your back keeps you cool! It worked really well, and he liked it. I am going to suggest to the band director that we get these for all the members.

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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The "Camelback water backpack"...where did you get it from? That would be a great way to keep cool and drink water too while traveling thru the desert.